Palm Village is nestled in a tranquil location in Uswetakeiyawa, amidst an array of places of interest, with the nearest one being the Muthurajawela Marsh. Also referred to as ‘Supreme Field of Pearls’, it is the island’s largest saline wetland home to kingfishers, cormorants and purple herons. If you proceed further in your journey of exploration, you will come upon a pristine stretch of Negombo Beach, admired for its golden sands and water conditions ideal for various water sports.

Beyond the beach, a sightseeing tour must include a visit to the remnants of the Dutch fort which dates back to 1642 in addition to the town’s Portuguese churches and stunning old Dutch houses, that reflect the colonial influence on local architecture. A popular favorite among tourists are bird-watching trips along the Dutch canals. And when it comes to religious sites, Angurukaramulla Temple is a prominent landmark, with a tranquil atmosphere evoking a sense of spiritual serenity.